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Churchlands Senior High School, Lucca Street, Churchlands WA, Australia

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What is it like joining a Dads Group?

If you are a father or father-figure associated with this school or organisation, you are invited to join this Dads Group and attend its activities. Dads Groups are run by dads, for dads – with support and resources from The Fathering Project.

Groups typically host four activities per year, two for dads only, and two with the kids. These activities provide dads an opportunity to bond with their kids and connect with other fathers.

Activities are chosen and planned by the dads in each group. Popular activities include barbecues, camping nights and dad catch-ups. Dads Groups welcome all fathers and father-figures to their activities, including uncles, grandfathers, coaches, teachers and mentors.

When joining your group you will also become a free member of The Fathering Project and gain access to the member portal, giving you access to your group’s activity calendar, fathering resources and more.